I Ain’t Dead

In which I make the case that I haven’t entirely been sitting on my hands when it comes to writing for the web. Also: pontifications on the differences between Ghost and Wordpress.

Nick Johnson

International Men’s Day

As promised back in my International Women’s Day post, I’m now writing about its counterpart. International Men’s Day is the day I’m posting this: the 19th of November. As noted in the previous post: some people would say that we don’t need this day, because the other 364 days of the year already serve that purpose. I say we do need it. In the first instance because that’s not the way it should be. In the second instance I say we need it because the fact of the matter it is: Men have problems…

Nick Johnson

Blogging on the Quartz Curve

A little while ago, over dinner, a good friend of mine introduced me to something called the “Quartz Curve”. Named for the online news magazine which coined it, it goes like this: if you plot the length of an article against user engagement, the resulting graph is bowl shaped. Specifically, the trough is between 500 and 700 words. Shorter articles can be “Short, sharp creative takes on news stories that are creative and say something new”. Conversely, longer articles can provide “strong detailed narrative or insightful analysis”. Anything in between, though, will tend to be wishywashy, and no one wants…

Nick Johnson