Getting Back on the Horse(s)

Last year, around August, I fell off two horses, more or less simultaneously. Metaphorical horses, much as I would love to say that failing to straddle two galloping steeds is the reason that I ended up skipping the gym for six months.

One of those horses was training, the other was blogging.

“Ah hah hah, hold on there,” you might say “But you clearly fell of the blogging horse quite some time before that.” Which would be true, mostly. In the run up to August I spent quite some time revamping this site, both in terms of design and technology, and by August last it was about ready. Just in time for me to spend a month and a half out of the country for work, with no real time to use my shiny new blog.

I also, as it turned out, didn’t have easy access to a gym. The office I was working in didn’t have one (or at least one which would work for me), and short term gym contracts at commercial gyms? Holy crap. At the gyms which aren’t actively designed to prevent you from working out? Those are expensive.

So… what about getting back on those horses? Well, hopefully this, right here, is me getting back on the blogging horse. I actually have a bunch of things I want to write about, and a plan to get to work on writing a bunch of shitty first drafts. Disclaimer: I can’t promise that the subsequent drafts will not also be shitty.

A pretty relevant question here would be: why? Honestly: It feels good to write… or at least it feels good to have written. There’s just something satisfying about writing something and putting it out there. This blog doesn’t exactly get a pile of traffic, but it does get some. Ergo someone is reading it, and to be completely honest: that feels nice.

I’d also like to try and do something a bit more… expansive, writing-wise, but my track record in this area isn’t exactly great. I need to start walking before I try to run here.

…and the gym related (metaphorical) horse? I’ve been consistently hitting the gym for the past six weeks. Which feels really good, actually. Well… metaphorically good, anyway. A lot of the time it feels sore. Soreness aside, I feel a lot healthier. I’d started not liking what I saw in the mirror again, which is definitely not healthy, but thankfully now I’ve started to reverse that trend.

So. What now? More writing. I plan to set aside an hour at the weekends to write and find a bit of time on weekdays. Tech is what I do for a living, so tech is what I’ll mostly be writing about.

More gyming. Or training, which is probably the correct word there. It’s increasingly important to me (for one thing I’m not getting any younger). Sorry if you’re sick of hearing about it, but writing about it helps me bring it into focus, so there’s likely to be more of that here.

I’ll also be writing about films, on the occasions where I have a bit more to say than TLDR allows.