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What in the Name of all that's Holy is a Clockwork Aphid?

Clockwork Aphid is the name I’m giving to a side project I’ve had sitting at the back of head for a little while. I’m actually going to try and build it now. What it actually is is quite big and hard to explain, so I’m going to do it gradually, over time. This way I also get to maintain a little bit of mystery. Here’s what I will say up front, though:

The actual name “Clockwork Aphid” comes from the name of the group I helped field to the “Dare to be Digital” computer game creation competition several years ago. We didn’t get in, but we proposed a game called “Bad Penny” which I still think was a bloody good idea. Some of the elements of that project are contained in this one also, but the name Bad Penny was chosen for a good reason. It was very appropriate for the type of game we were proposing. This project is potentially bigger, though, and I don’t want to limit the scope.

As for the Clockwork Aphid name itself? I just plain thought it sounded good then and I still think it sounds good now.