For Boobs, Mikael?

Warning: this post contains a picture which includes boobs. Be prepared for that. If your manager is looking over your shoulder, don't click; or at least have an excuse ready. If you're offended by the sight of boobs... well... I'm sorry. But I probably don't know how to talk to you in that case, anyway. Lastly: if you're American, you're not supposed to see this, for some reason.

Please, use your desecration. Oh yes, and think of the children. But not while looking at the boobs. That would be strange.



It's the new teaser poster for David Fincher's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's fantastic The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

Note: I've nabbed this picture from WikiPedia. It's small so that it counts as fair use (apparently). If you click it, you'll be taken to the films official website, where you can see a bigger version, though you might have to pinky swear that you're old enough to see it. The site also has the teaser trailer, but I'll get to that.

Update: It seems they've taken it off the official site. You can find it at the Total Film website here.

I like this poster quite a bit, though I am slightly confused as to whether the tag line is supposed to be:

Evil shall with evil be expelled.

Which kind of feels as though it needs a comma to me (though I'm not 100% certain where), or:

Evil shall be expelled with evil.

Which perhaps scans slightly better, but is definitely not how you would normally reads words written in that arrangement. In some ways I think I prefer the slightly more archaic feel of the first one.

Update 2: The version of the trailer on the official site has been updated. It's definitely the first one.

I outright love the book this is based on (and was confused as all hell when Dougal didn't). I did really enjoyed the original Swedish adaptation, but I have high hopes for any David Fincher film and this is no exception. I'm not thinking of it as a remake, more a reinterpretation.

I think Daniel Craig is really good casting for Mikael Blomkvist, and I'm pretty impressed with the way Rooney Mara is looking as Lisbeth Salander. In the books, at least, the point is made that Lisbeth would be incredibly attractive if she wasn't far, far too thin. Mission accomplished. I can't wait to hear them speaking, though it is going to be strange without the Swedish accent. Craig is uniformly fantastic, and Mara definitely held her own, and even stood out, in The Social Network.

What was also released recently was the teaser trailer, which looks a little bit like this:

{% include youtube.html video="QrQ433ChAQM" %}

This is definitely a trailer for people who've read the book, I think. I saw it in the cinema with X-Men First Class, and the guy sat next to me had a fairly strong negative reaction of the "what the hell was that?" variety. To me, though, it looks great. Fincher's artistry is legendary and I think this film is going to have a lot of impact. It's going to be dark, and very difficult to watch in places. This is a story about incredibly complex and compelling characters. This does not mean that they are nice people, and their story is a difficult one. If I had to pick a word to describe what I think this film will be like, it would be: uncompromising.

I look forward to taking my double espresso with a teaspoon of milk this Christmas, even if I do feel as though I need to take a bath afterwards.