A brief update

Most people can definitively trace at least one or two traits directly back to one of their parents. In my case I can definitely lay the blame for two at the feet of my father:

  1. I know the rules of cricket inside out;
  2. Walking right across town doesn't faze me in the slightest.

The first isn't really important right now (unless you need to know the specifics of the leg before wicket rule STAT), while the second is the result of a father who likes to walk. A lot. In fact many of my childhood holidays consisted of a series of walks across various British cities, often culled from the pages of an impressively large (and impressively modular) Reader's Digest walkers guide... to British cities.

Thus, for the past two days I eschewed the use of my rental car and went wandering. Yesterday (that's Sunday) I wandered around Mountain View itself and today I took a train to San Francisco and did the same thing there. I want to tell you about it. I plan to tell you about it. SOme of it is actually worth telling you about. But I want to throw some of the pictures I took into the mix, and right now I don't have a good way of doing that. The Google provided free WiFi which covers the entire of Mountain View is very useful indeed, but it's not super fast and thus not ideal for uploading a bunch of pictures.

Tomorrow I'm heading into the office for day one of my Google training (I'm told there's some awesome Kool-Aid, so I'm looking forward to trying that) and I think I may have access to a slightly better connection there (just a hunch), so I'll see what I can do.