Musical Arithmetic

Okay, so here's the formula:

(A - B) + C = D

And here are the variables:

A = {% include youtube.html video="UZjf9C6atT4" %}

Evanescence. More specifically: the original line up (as far as most of the world is concerned). I like Evanescence quite a bit, but that's about 74.2% Amy Lee's voice. The girl has one hell of a pair of lungs on her. I picked this particular song from the first album for reason which may become obvious later. For what it's worth, I think Everybody's Fool and Imaginary are a much better songs.

B = {% include youtube.html video="-bP5wmtOXCQ" %}

Evanescence again? No. Well... yes, but the current line up. Specifically: Amy Lee herself. I picked this song from the second album (which is much better than the first) because it seems to have the most Amy Lee-ness in it. It doesn't have an actual video, though, so alternatively:

B = {% include youtube.html video="Hqd2FJF8-h8" %}

I figure having a deficit of Seether won't affect the sum either way, so this works too.

C = {% include youtube.html video="dUyMvaJwACc" %}

Former Irish American Idol contestant* Carly Smithson. Once again: A hell of a pair of lungs. Not an entirely dissimilar look, but quite a different vocal style, it would appear. Carly's voice has a bit more blues in it, a bit more sultriness.

D = {% include youtube.html video="zzTZeeMCUBk" %}

We are the Fallen, the new band from Ben Moody, two other former members of Evanescence and Carly Smithson. Can you seen why I picked that particular Evanescence song? That's more than a passing resemblance, style wise. There is a second reason I picked it, however. Carly has a less operatic voice, though, and a bit more range in terms of singing style. I love me some female fronted metal, so I'll be keeping an eye on this band.

Okay, here's another one which plays a bit better to her frankly spectacular voice:

D = {% include youtube.html video="u24NXTBHLYU" %}

* That is: she's Irish and was a contestant on "American Idol." There is no such show as "Irish American Idol," so far as I'm aware.