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Further to my last post, here's a couple more films which caught my eye, though one of them is a ways off yet.

Faster (trailer) - I will go and see Dwayne Johnson in any film which doesn't involve him wearing a tutu or fairy wings. Perhaps even then, and you can quote me on that. The guy has more charisma and physical presence than just about everyone else out there, and is (as far as I'm concerned) always good value for money, regardless of the quality of the actual film. Frankly, the guy should be a much bigger start than he is. That he's in an indie revenge flick makes me very happy indeed. Also: great trailer.

Sucker Punch (trailer) - Zack Snyder is another one of those directors who's work I would go sight unseen. Though Watchmen wasn't quite the film I wanted it to be, I still enjoyed the hell out of it and I loved his two previous films (300 and Dawn of the Dead). This is a director who makes cinema and every frame of it is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Evidence so far suggests that he actually works pretty well with actors and knows how to handle a plot, also, which is nice (Micheal Bay, take note). This is his first time working with an original property, so I guess we'll have to see how it goes. Oh yeah, it also seems to have nazis, dragons, sword wielding burlesque girls, Zeppelins, spaceships and mini gun toting giant samurai demons... and something tells me that's not the half of it...

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