Is it still limping if you're doing it with both legs?

On Friday night I went to the Silent Disco and danced away until 4 am. On the whole I think it was excellent. I think it (or some progression of it) might well be the future of night clubs. It was £10 entry, which might seem a little expensive, but is really no more than the entry to a lot of clubs in Edinburgh. The music was also quite mainstream, and not the hardcore dance I was expecting, which is good because I think his sort of thing is a lot more fun when you can shout along with the words. Especially when you can take of your headphones and watch everyone dancing away without there being any apparent music.

Then on Saturday I drove through to Dunbar with Helen and Dougal to attend a ceilidh for our friend Matt's sister, who is leaving the country. What the hell was I doing there? I was invited mostly for my Y chromosome, since it was thought there would be a near overwhelming majority of female types present. This never in fact materialised, leaving me feeling that I was massively intruding (situations like this bring out the English in me to an alarming extent... I feel as though I can't say "please", "thank you" and of course "sorry" nearly enough). I had a really good time though, and enjoyed the dancing a lot... even though it's the only ceilidh I have clear memories of participating in. Luckily I had a good impromptu dance teacher and I don't think I embarrassed myself too much.

I stayed in Dunbar at Helen's parent's house on Saturday night and then went for long (well... more mid length) walk around the town the next morning, after a truly fantastic breakfast. Then I was invited to have lunch with Dougal and his parents, which was very pleasant. Still don't feel I said those three magical phrases enough at any of those places, but all in all it made for a most enjoyable weekend.

Yesterday, though, I woke up and could barely walk. I seem to have strained both my calves, which really isn't ideal. I suspect that I over used them during the weekend and know the muscles are trying to build themselves up. I have hyper-tense muscles in my legs (I think that's the phrase the physio used), which on the one hand sometimes means that they resemble steel cables (which is nice), but I can't even come close to touching my toes with my legs straight. I suspect this is a participating factor.


As a result of this I've been doing some work from home, as I suspect driving isn't such a great idea just now. I could catch the bus in to the University... but... well... I just don't want to. Writing up ahoy!

Here's a bit more Swedish music for you, this time of a much more melodic nature:

{% include youtube.html video="saTz3vNW3UQ" %}

Nevertheless, this is the same singer who appears on "Dead End" by In Flames, which is from the exact opposite end of the musical spectrum.