Starting again... again.


By my count I've had three previous attempts (on different services), none of which has entirely worked out. The problems which cause this to be are multiple, but two in particular tend to stand out. Firstly, I tend to write long rambling posts which take a lot of effort, and secondly I tend to not believe that anyone is actually reading them.

So I've come up with the two pronged strategy to try and solve this. First of all, I'm going to try and make it easier for me to blog. Thus, I'm switching to WordPress. Why does this make things easier? Well, it means that I can use their software to blog from my iPhone (which will theoretically also lead to shorter posts) and I can also use the web interface.

Thus I can blog from (literally) anywhere, where as before I could only do it from my home computer, as I was using iWeb. I still think iWeb is an awesome program, but I was using a small portion of it's functionality, and thus a more bespoke solution becomes a better idea.

Secondly, I'm going to try and advertise it a bit better. So the particular web interface I'm using is the WordPress facebook application, which should drop a thingy into my friends' feeds when I write a new post. Maybe some will read it. Hopefully not too many will find it massively annoying. I like this synergy, it's certainly not something I could accomplish using iWeb.

I'm going to transfer over my previous film reviews, but stripped down without the header and the footer, and make this blog a bit prettier over the next couple of days. I'm also going to finish the my digital life post I start an age ago, so come back, ya' hear?