These are the posts about writing, the software used for writing, the type of blog and the design of the webpage it produces. Probably more the latter three than the first one if I'm honest, though.

An Open Letter

Dear Road User, Should you be located in the UK and in possession of an automobile, you may have noticed a strange lever positioned to the left of your steering wheel (the circular device which changes the direction of your car). If you are of the inquisitive sort you may have also discovered a causal relationship (or at least a very strong correlation) between pushing this appendage in either of the upwards or downwards directions, and the flashing of two sets of orange lights positioned down the sides of your car. I'm here to assure you that this is a…

Nick JohnsonNick Johnson

Is it still limping if you're doing it with both legs?

On Friday night I went to the Silent Disco and danced away until 4 am. On the whole I think it was excellent. I think it (or some progression of it) might well be the future of night clubs. It was £10 entry, which might seem a little expensive, but is really no more than the entry to a lot of clubs in Edinburgh. The music was also quite mainstream, and not the hardcore dance I was expecting, which is good because I think his sort of thing is a lot more fun when you can shout along with the…

Nick JohnsonNick Johnson

Starting again... again.

Blogging. By my count I've had three previous attempts (on different services), none of which has entirely worked out. The problems which cause this to be are multiple, but two in particular tend to stand out. Firstly, I tend to write long rambling posts which take a lot of effort, and secondly I tend to not believe that anyone is actually reading them. So I've come up with the two pronged strategy to try and solve this. First of all, I'm going to try and make it easier for me to blog. Thus, I'm switching to WordPress. Why does this…

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