Barbell Training Follow Up

So: after writing that giant post about the three main beginners programs I read up on while trying to figure out the best way to get myself into some sort of (non round) shape, I thought I'd switch to a topic on which I can confidently talk with some authority: me. More specifically, in case you are interested: the program I've ended up putting myself on, the other things which are important and how this all is actually working out for me. The Program I'm Following As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently following the Greyskull LP (Linear…

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A (Very) Rough Guide to Beginners' Barbell Training Programs

As I promised in my last post, I'd now like to talk a bit about the different weight lifting programs I ended up researching. I spent a fairly silly amount of time here, so I'm hoping that you find it useful. I'm going to talk about the three primary beginners lifters programs I read up on, tell you what they actually involveā€¦ and also what I think the person behind them is trying to sell you. Disclaimer: I am not an expert on any of this. I am, at best, an amateaur of the sort who tends to read everything…

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Do You Even Lift, Bro?

After I arrived in London I decided to take a second stab at Couch to 5k, having abandoned it the first time around. The problem now was finding a time and place. At first I tried running in the evenings around Wandsworth Common, conveniently close to where I was staying. That started to feel more than a little unsafe, however, especially on the evenings I got home safe enough to push me through -twilight- dusk and into full dark. I'm fortunate enough to work very close to Hyde Park, however, so I transplanted my runs here and started taking time…

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The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills

On what was, all things considered, otherwise a fairly shitty day, I finished reading A Memory of Light, the final volume of The Wheel of Time. This is, if you don't know, a fourteen book epic fantasy series whose author died prior to its completion. Each of these books is, by itself, around the size of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. One or two of them are really very dry, and finishing them comes dangerously close to feeling like work. So do I recommend that you set out on this 12 thousand page, 4 million word journey? Emphatically…

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Perilously Close to Perfection

A friend told me about a restaurant he'd visited on a trip to New York. There was essentially no menu. You walked in, you are seated, and you are asked a single question: How would you like your steak cooked? Then they bring you an utterly fantastic steak with fries and bernaise sauce. They do this one thing, they do it incredibly well, and they do it cheaply because they can take advantage of economies of scale. I love this mindset of setting out to do something as utterly right as humanly possible. The example I had previously was a…

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Running, The First Time

When I decided to drag myself back on to the fitness wagon, it seemed to me that running was the answer. Getting myself to an actual gym clearly wasn't working, but I lived a short walk from a large and beautiful park (oh The Meadows, how I miss you still). I went out and spent what I still consider to be a fair amount of money on a pair of running shoes (Nike+ compatible, obviously). I've had knee issues in the past, which motivated me to err towards the top end of the range, I swear. The presence of the…

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