I am a Globe Trotter

Going to new places, seeing new sights and experiencing new things rules. It is known. I'd love start travel writing in it's own blog, but until I manage to organise that: there's this.


I've been traveling around for work for the vast majority of the last month, so generally speaking I've been anything but at a loose end. Evenings were full of work or spent with the colleagues / friends I was traveling with. But now I'm back and finding that I don't know what to do with myself a lot of the time. It's giving me time to think about things, and that never ends well.

I think my PhD is in better shape than I had been supposing. I found a couple of stupid mistakes in my code today and now it

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Being Yvan Petillot


There I was, sitting across from a senior manager from Thales and two Professors, one each from Cambridge and Robert Gordon's Universities, discussing the precise definition of the term “emergent behaviour”...




Thanks to my current uncharacteristically basy schedule, I arrived late to the Forum on Unmanned Systems and Artificial Intelligence, an event designed to facilitate a high level discussion of these areas, and create the beginnings of a coherent plan for their future. In order to do this it brought together the foremost expects in the relevant fields, from both industry and academia.

And me.


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Well... Here I am...

...In Iceland!

I wanted to come here for a long time (this is no secret), and as the result of a highly unsubtle campaign of strategic hint dropping, here I find myself. It's not under ideal circumstances, though. I'm here for work and so I'll be spending most of my time working 12 hour days, doing fiddly embedded computer programming and ridding about in boats waiting for robots to do their thing. I'm also here with my boss (or someone far higher up the chain of command than myself, at least), and though he's a really nice guy there's always

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