I am a Geek

I love me some sci-fi, fantasy and super heroes, be that in movie, book, comic or TV form. I play board games, computer games and even sometimes D&D. Trying to pretend I'm not a geek would be silly.

That iPad thing

Originally, right after I got around the watching the keynote presentation which launched the iPad, I was going to write a blog post about how disappointed I was. I thought they'd screwed the pooch and I, for one, was seriously underwhelmed.

Needless to say, I didn't quite get around to writing it. Since then I've read all the criticism by the naysayers and Apple haters, all the gushing praise from the fanatics and all the stuff in between from the more sensible people*. Now, after some reflection, I find myself somewhere in the middle. I flip back and forwards between

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The Goldilocks Dilema

Daddy Bear's porridge is too expensive.

Baby Bear's porridge is underpowered.

Mummy Bear's porridge is just right... but has a monitor in it.

Hhhmmm... perhaps I should explain...

It's reached that time. My computer is starting to show it's age. In small ways, mostly. It stalls occasionally, but with gradually increasing frequency. Every now and then it's slow down noticeably, and the fans are spending more and more time going full blast. If it actually died on me that would a _disaster _right now, but I'm not too worried about that just yet. Even so, I think it's time that

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Spending to make...

While it's a fairly common and reasonably accurate maxim that you have to spend money to make money, I find myself wondering if the same is true of energy. To reword and disentangle the metaphor: Can you save energy by using energy?

Here's a my train of thought: You have curtains in your house. It's possible to fit a motorised unit and automate the opening and closing of the same. This would same ostentatious, lazy and wasteful. To have a computer, sitting, always on, in your house, which decides when this should happen would seem to increase these negative factors.

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Street Fighter Tutu

So I like computer games. This isn't news, really. Not in a hardcore live-to-game type way, more in a general fondness type way. That said, I did, as a youngster in an age before mobile phones, catch a bus to the next town so I could play a particular arcade game in what was (on reflection) a seriously dodgy little shop. That game was Street Fighter 2. It was a pretty great game, and it pretty much changed everything as far as the gaming industry was concerned. It spawned a bunch of sort of sequels which were mostly very popular,

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Objects of Desire

I haven't blogged in some, so it seemed only natural that I should do the churlish thing and write about items I would like, but do not have, post Christmas.

First of all is a pod based coffee maker. When walking through House of Fraiser pre Christmas my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend had cause to exclaim "These are so cool*!" What she was talking about was a Nespresso machine (or more precisely a table full of them). Basically you pop a little pod of coffee in the top, push a button and really quite good espresso (or something

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