I am a Cinephile

I love both watching films and talking about them afterwards. I can't write long form film reviews (though I do write short ones), but that doesn't stop me ranting about films in a more general sense.

A couple more...

Further to my last post, here's a couple more films which caught my eye, though one of them is a ways off yet.

Faster (trailer) - I will go and see Dwayne Johnson in any film which doesn't involve him wearing a tutu or fairy wings. Perhaps even then, and you can quote me on that. The guy has more charisma and physical presence than just about everyone else out there, and is (as far as I'm concerned) always good value for money, regardless of the quality of the actual film. Frankly, the guy should be a much bigger start

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Looking Forwards

The Cineworld unlimited card is a wonderful thing, especially given that I no longer have a student card (I am still a student, technically. Don't ask). It encourages you to take a much more "what the hell," type attitude to heading to the cinema, and I love me some cinema. That being the case, I thought I'd write a (probably) quick post covering the films coming out this year that I'm pretty certain I'll be going to see.

So, in particular order (aside from the one in which they occurred to me):

Inception (trailer) - There are some

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Trailer Trash

Every once in a while, a film trailer comes along that I can’t seem to stop myself watching repeatedly. I like trailers in general, which is definitely part of the problem, but some of them really grab hold of me. Two good examples of this are the final theatrical trailer for the recent Star Trek reboot, and one of the trailers for The Two Towers (the one with the orchestral version of he awesome theme song from Requiem for a Dream, and words cannot express how disappointed I was when that music wasn’t in the actual film).


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