I am a Blogger

These are the posts about writing, the software used for writing, the type of blog and the design of the webpage it produces. Probably more the latter three than the first one if I'm honest, though.


What, in your opinion, qualifies something as a good advert? Answers on postcard, or alternatively in the comments section below, if you find that easier.

In the technical sense the main thing is surely that you actually end up buying the product in question. In terms of absolute results, I suspect that subtlety is probably key. If an advert manages to plant the suggestion that you want to buy something without ever making you feel advertised to, then it's likely to achieve its goals. The problem is that if a person realises this is happening then a fairly strong negative

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A Short Note Regarding the Deafening Silence

For a while there it really looked as though I was on top of this whole blogging lark, didn't it?

The problem is that writing this blog (and to an even greater extent, working on the Clockwork Aphid project) doesn't feel like procrastinating. It feels like doing something. Not working exactly, but definitely making an active contribution.

As a result, if there's something else I'm supposed to be doing with my time, I have a really hard time working on either without the guilt setting in (it's happening right now). This doesn't stop me from dicking around on the web,

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As you may or may not know, I'm currently in Australia. In fact, I've now been here for a little over a month. I'll blog about it sooner or later, but not yet. This is largely because I don't know what I'm going to say. This trip has been an alarming combination of coolness and frustration so far, and I don't want to let too much of the later slip out. That would be highly unprofessional of me, and possibly not great either for my employer or my career.

This post shall be about something else.

I have a side

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An Open Letter

Dear Road User,

Should you be located in the UK and in possession of an automobile, you may have noticed a strange lever positioned to the left of your steering wheel (the circular device which changes the direction of your car). If you are of the inquisitive sort you may have also discovered a causal relationship (or at least a very strong correlation) between pushing this appendage in either of the upwards or downwards directions, and the flashing of two sets of orange lights positioned down the sides of your car.

I'm here to assure you that this is a

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Is it still limping if you're doing it with both legs?

On Friday night I went to the Silent Disco and danced away until 4 am. On the whole I think it was excellent. I think it (or some progression of it) might well be the future of night clubs. It was £10 entry, which might seem a little expensive, but is really no more than the entry to a lot of clubs in Edinburgh. The music was also quite mainstream, and not the hardcore dance I was expecting, which is good because I think his sort of thing is a lot more fun when you can shout along with the

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