I am a Audiophile

Mercury Rising

Monday the 5th of September was Freddie Mercury day. The day he would have turned 65, had he lived. This makes me feel a little old, but that's not the point. The day's Google doodle (pointed out to me with furious glee by one of my coworkers) led me to YouTube and numerous videos of Queen performing live. As I often do, I'd forgotten just how good they were. I spent much of the day fighting the urge to pump my fist and throw shapes at my desk[1]. Since I had so much fun with this, I'm going to

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Epic Googleyep and Other Stories

I'm currently doing some tests on a couple of different data structure implementations for Clockwork Aphid, so while they're running I thought I'd a bit of time to write a music related post, since I haven't done one in a while. So, contained within are three music related mini posts for your viewing pleasure.

Epic Googleyep

As you may or may not be aware, I spent a reasonable percentage of this year (about ten weeks) working in Australia. Some of that time was spent working offshore in this general area. I spent the latter offshore time on a boat called

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Musical Arithmetic

Okay, so here's the formula:

(A - B) + C = D

And here are the variables:

A = {% include youtube.html video="UZjf9C6atT4" %}

Evanescence. More specifically: the original line up (as far as most of the world is concerned). I like Evanescence quite a bit, but that's about 74.2% Amy Lee's voice. The girl has one hell of a pair of lungs on her. I picked this particular song from the first album for reason which may become obvious later. For what it's worth, I think Everybody's Fool and Imaginary are a much better songs.

B = {% include youtube.html

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Serendipitous Nostalgia

Today I was walking home from work and absent-mindedly listening to music, when I noticed that that my supposedly shuffled iPod was displaying a definite preference for one band in particular. A band I haven't really spared a seconds thought in some years. As I walked I hatched a plot a write a blog post regarding the nostalgia this inspired. So I arrived home and thought to have a look on youTube for some reference material to post...

There is a reason I have a marked preference for the combination of a heavy rock music and female vocals, and her

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Flip side

Two updates in one day shocker!

The last one was a little downcast, though, and I felt a need to pass on something awesome by way of balance. Here it is:

{% include youtube.html video="sxNmeMklFk8" %}

Perhaps you're thinking "Huh? Who's this guy?" or "What's with the cake?". You've been missing out if that's the case. Jonathan Coulton (for that is the man's name) is a computer programmer turned unlikely rock star (You scoff? He has a song in Rock Band. I'm having trouble thinking of a better benchmark), who's become something of a

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