Some Thoughts on Gamification

If you're playing any sort of a game, the question "Am I winning?" is usually quite easy to answer. "Is my score higher than the other guy?" usually covers it (though if you're playing something like chess it might be a little more complicated than that). If you're playing a computer game the fact that your character is still alive may well be enough to settle this question in your favour.

In life, though, it is a much harder question to answer. It may well be true that, to the healthy mind, it's not something which

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Whilst Not Running in Australia (With Photos!)

In throwing up a few pictures of my trip down under in that previous running related post, I realised I hadn't really posted much else about that particular trip to the inter webs. I also realised that picking through those photos is a bit of a bad idea, because I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed Perth.

I tend to say that I "spent about 10 weeks in Australia in 2010." I use this slightly odd wording because I actually had two trips out there with a short break in-between. That break was partly due to logistics and

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So I made an iPhone App

Various things have kept me busy and away from this blog just recently. I've done a bit of traveling (both for business and pleasure), I've discovered Netflix (and Crunchyroll), and, somewhat more productively, I followed through on what started off as my "20% time" project.

There is, right now in the iPhone App Store, an app nominally by Google Inc which was written almost entirely by my own good hands. Obviously I wasn't entirely a one man band in this. I had a lot of help from designers and UX people, my code was reviewed by those who

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That Ad

So. There has been a small(ish) ad off to the right hand side of this blog for a couple of months now. It is as small as AdSense will let me make it, though ideally I'd prefer if it had a size not unlike those used by Matt Gemmell and
Marco Arment. On the whole, though, it doesn't bother me as much as I worried it might, aside from the occasional animated flash ad.

As previously explained, it's not there in any sort of attempt to make money from this blog (I'll come back to that, though), but more

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Further Watching and Reading

This was supposed to go at the end of my last post, but it was running a little long. Basically, here is collection of writings about fitness from around the internet which I've found either useful, thought provoking, or fun.

Warning: the blog post features two pictures of women in bikinis. It's totally relevant in context, be in case that isn't safe for your work: be warned.

Everything You Know About fitness is a Lie

I really have to start here, because I think this is possibly the best article about fitness I've ever read. The internet, by and large,

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