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I finally broke. I’ve been saying for some time that if the Kindle, or a similarly capable eReader, went under the £100 mark I would splash out and buy one. Until quite recently I had been quite tempted, but this condition was never satisfied. Had I seen one for sale in a bricks and mortar store while I was over in the US of A, I think I probably would have just snapped it up, dollar to stirling exchange rates and relative prices being what they are. But I didn’t, so I didn’t.

Then, suddenly, out of

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The Kaiser Chiefs Do NOT Get to Say They Called This...

Well. These are certainly interesting times to be living in London. Interesting times to be living in England full stop, in fact. In particular, I definitely picked an ideal time to move to Clapham.

I have a bad habit of being more or less completely oblivious to what's going on in the world, unless it happens in either the tech or movie industries. I subscribe to those blogs and news sites, but I rarely read the paper or turn on the news, so something has to land with quite a thud, more or less in my lap, for me to

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Film Related Blog Post

“Given that you’ve just told us that the second one is one of the worst films you’ve ever seen,” asked Pete, “why on earth did you feel the need to go and see the third one?”

It was a good question. In all fairness I do not have good explanation as to why I paid actual money to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in the cinema. I suppose I was relying mostly on hope. I mean, we’re talking about a film which is, at its core, about giant robots fighting. It really should be quite hard

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping...

...would make significantly more noise than I have on this blog, as of late.

There are a couple of reasons for this. The main one is that I don't actually have the internet in my new flat yet, and won't for another 9 days. Bloody Virgin Media. Serves me right for not going with media which has a bit more experience, I suppose. I'm writing this at work, which is something I really don't like to do, but it's very much the end of the day and I'm in late because I started late. I figure: a quick post can't

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For Boobs, Mikael?

Warning: this post contains a picture which includes boobs. Be prepared for that. If your manager is looking over your shoulder, don't click; or at least have an excuse ready. If you're offended by the sight of boobs... well... I'm sorry. But I probably don't know how to talk to you in that case, anyway. Lastly: if you're American, you're not supposed to see this, for some reason.

Please, use your desecration. Oh yes, and think of the children. But not while looking at the boobs. That would be strange.



It's the new teaser poster for David Fincher's

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